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What can
life coaching offer you?

Life is one big crazy roller coaster.  We don’t know what the next day brings us.  We have so many demands that are placed on us or that we place our ourselves that we get caught in between our personal and professional lives.  This becomes a delicate and difficult balancing act that has the potential to be an impossible obstacle to overcome. 

life coach

Life coaching can offer you personal support you need in your life

to clear that obstacle.  As a I life coach, I will offer you that personal support in your life.  I ask you the questions that you aren't asking yourself and challenge you to answer your questions honestly all while encouraging you to visualize and take the next step towards achieving your goals. 


Your goals don't have to be physical or materialistic in nature, but they can also be emotional.  If you goal is happiness than I will help you achieve that happiness through finding ways to better understand yourself and know who you are.  I will help create accountability and structure in your life.  It's one thing to motivate yourself to start creating that change, but it's much easier when you have someone to support your journey. 


I treat every individual as a unique person with their own sets of strengths, weaknesses and values.  I will help hone in those special sets and qualities you possess and help you use them rather than let them lay dormant.  I will help take your weaknesses and help you adapt to them, rather than having you treat them as a deterrent or setback in your life.

Life Coaching is not therapy, but as a former associate therapist, I will utilize therapeutic models and techniques to help you identify the challenges in your life and to create and achieve your goals.  One therapeutic model I used as an Associate Family Therapist was a solution-focused technique which I feel is the most effective technique to use as a Life Coach due to it's client-centered driven foundation.  There is less focus on the emotional problems in your life and more on the motivational problems.  You have the power to unlock on your potential and I will help guid you through that process.

Life Coaching is beneficial for those not interested in the clinical model of counseling and therapy.  There is no focus on past emotional issues but rather a focus on the present.  Additionally, with an experienced background in education, counseling and psychology, I believe I can effectively work with you to make sure you can realize and actualize your goals through identifying your strengths, weaknesses and assets.

Click below to learn more about the differences between life coaching and therapy

Along with individual life coaching sessions, I also offer relationship coaching for couples.  I also specialize in leadership development, having worked in Higher Education Administration for nearly 10 years.  I have created a workshop series for those interested in developing or improving their personal leadership skills.  Please click on the links below for more detailed information.    
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