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Sam B.

Sam B.

Ryan wants to understand where people come from and why they think the way they do. What I respect most about him is that he engages people he disagrees with by asking them to explain their heart behind what they do or say.  He listens.  He seeks to understand.  He helps someone realize where they might be off track and leaves them as better people when the conversation is over.  He's a diligent planner and emphasizes time management and personal responsibility on and off the stage.  Ryan collaborates well with any age, person, political or religious viewpoint and is one of the most open-minded and inclusive people you'll meet.  He has a lot of love and appreciation for the students he directs and the parents he interacts with.  Empathy is one of his strongest traits but the best trait about him is his boldness.  He will work with any person to reach their goal.  He's also not afraid to tell them if they are thinking too low of themselves or if they are chasing after something they're not equipped for.  Ryan will encourage any person he's coaching but is not afraid to let someone know when they're off base; he cares too much about the well-being of others.  

ryan burtanog life coach testimonial
ryan burtanog life coach testimonial

The key to a great life coach is listening and Ryan Burtanog is an excellent listener.  He takes the time to understand your goals, aspirations and struggels to help you overcome challenges and live a more fulfilled life.  Ryan has been a mentor to me for over 15 years and has helped me improve my confidence, dcision making and work/life balance.

Brittany M.
 Director of Event Marketing, Adobe

Jonathan G.

I have always been bad at asking for help.  I am better at helping others as opposed to helping myself.  Why is that?  What makes me prioritize others before myself and how can I change that?


I met Ryan about three years ago.  At the time I was feeling very unhappy and having difficulty navigating life.  I didn't know what to expect from my sessions with him, but I learned that it was Ryan's empathy and compassion that helped me understand the root of my problems.  I gained the ability to recognize and correct my negativity which helped to motivate me to create a better lifestyle --and without worrying about mistakes along the way.  Nobody's perfect right?  I look back at those trials now and share them as humorous stories:  "My Life Lessons on What NOT To Do."  Ryan played an integral part in my self-rediscovery.  I can confidently say I feel comfortable with myself and where I am in life.  I am a much happier person because of Ryan's guidance.

ryan burtanog life coach testimonial

Ryan has opened my eyes to how I react with other people/peers and has given me the tools to accept differing opinions and standards while helping me grow to become a better person and communicator. 


Nick Y. 

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