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Life Coaching with Kids & Adolescents

ryan burtanog life coach children kids adolescents

As with adults, the focus with kids is on the present.

Life Coaching for kids is  not intended for children with behavioral problems and concerns or traumatic coping skills, Life Coaching for kids is intended for children who need encouragement and positive reinforcement to help deal with problems that can range from interacting and communicating with other kids to overcoming shyness. 

Life Coaching with kids uses activities and tools that children use to participate in to reframe problems they are facing.  Unlike coaching with adults, life coaching for kids is highly interactive. 

This is play time with a purpose!  They will participate in performing arts activities and tools from the world of theater to reframe problems they want to deal with.  These activities range from something simple such as learning about emotions to more advanced techniques such as pantomime.   

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