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How do i differ from other
life coaches?

The greatest asset of a life coach is their life experience.  My coaching style is a combination of a knowledge and experience in education, counseling psychology and the performing arts that culminates into an effective life coach that sets me apart from other life coaches.  My approach is professional but still making all my sessions feel very personal. 

Empathy has always been my most vital strength.  You are important to me and I will make you feel as such.  I don’t just want to know you, but I want to understand you.  I am never demanding, but encouraging in your desire to make more positive and healthier choices.  This is done through therapeutic models and techniques combined with psychoeducation to help you identify the challenges in your life and to create and achieve your goals as well as to discover the strengths you never knew you possessed.   You have the power to unlock on your potential and I will help guide you through that process.  


Unlike most Life Coaches, I do not have a session limit.  We begin and end when you are ready.  The journey is yours and I go at your pace and I'm with you every moment.  If you need a break, you can come back when you're ready.  There is no pressure because this is all about you and your comfort level.  If you slip up then you can come back and start the journey again.  There is no judgement.  Just a willingness to help you succeed at your own pace. 


Additionally, I offer psychoeducational workshops and presentations that can be personalized for your benefit.  They can be done through either individual or group sessions.  These psychoeducational workshops are not reoccurring; they are one time sessions only.  Some examples of workshops include conflict resolution, stress management, and time management. You will be actively involved in these workshops (along with sessions).  You will have opportunities to participate in activities and practice techniques and skills which you can use at home.   

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